Castle Living

On the road between Cordoba and Granada, we stopped at an incredible medieval castle!


The scene was right out of a storybook: the castle on the top of the hill, a small, whitewashed town below, and sheep grazing on the mountainside.


The group explored the inside of the castle, supposedly completing an assignment about the various strategic elements of castle life, but in reality just exclaiming at the views and running through the spiral staircases.


Here’s me at the top!


One room was dedicated to a “screeming” of a siege. A 3D model of the castle was printed onto a white platform, and a movie of the siege was projected on top, complete with tiny horses and fiery cannons.


The whole place was an incredible mixture of historic grandeur and modern tacky, with wooden swords and plastic tiaras in the gift shop. It was hard to imagine the place bustling with medieval life; it felt isolated and pristine with only our group there.


At the end of the hour, my friends and I stopped in the bathroom (duh). We didn’t see anyone from the group when we got out, and though that they had already left. Just that morning, the professors had emphasized that the bus would wait for no one. Be on time or find your own transportation! We raced down the winding hill, half expecting to see the bus pulling away. When we got down though, the bus was empty save for bus driver Benito. We turned back to see the group meandering down the hill, smelling the flowers alongside the sheep. Evidentally I’m still getting used to Spanish time…


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