Granada Part 1: Flamenco

One of our nights in Granada was dedicated to a flamenco show!


The show was in a huge cave in one of the Granada hills and was put on by a group of three gypsy families.


The costumes, lights, and dancing made the scene sultry and vibrant.


It was interesting to see how the dancers interacted with each other. It was clear at some moments that they were related; in one dance, it looked like there was a mother and two daughters all dancing together! The dances were passionate and emotional, and most seemed to be playing out scenes of competitions, fights, and even a marriage. Each swirl of their huge skirts was calculated for optimal dramatic effect, and the whole group clapped together as the dancers gained momentum until the end of the song.


In the final dance, they brought out a number of people from the audience. One of our professors could actually dance pretty well! A number of the students tried to mimic the moves, but none looked particularly graceful next to the gypsies. Watching the students flail made us all realize how talented the dancers really were. It was an impressive show!


One thought on “Granada Part 1: Flamenco

  1. The cavern looks like it added a dramatic touch, why was the cave there? an old bomb shelter, wine, housing? Ashkenaz has flamenco dancing lessons for when you arrive back home.

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