Sunday in Madrid

Today seemed like the quintessential winter Sunday in Madrid. Julia and I slept in late after enjoying churros and hot chocolate at San Gines, a bustling shop that’s been dishing out sweets 24 hours a day since 1894.

IMG_5977 IMG_5978

Around noon we set out to explore El Rastro, Madrid’s street market. Sadly I don’t have any pictures; the market is so crowded and pickpockets so frequent that I didn’t want to risk pulling out expensive gadgets. El Rastro looks like an oversize Berkeley flea market. There are stalls with everything imaginable – incense burners next to rows of blue jeans next to handbags made from old records.

We also stumbled on Madrid’s chain store Taste of America, where those missing the US can buy Skippy peanut butter for $8.90. It funny how many of the products there we’d never heard of! IMG_5981

After the flea market, my friends and I wandered around El Retiro park. There were lots of roller bladers and runners out, as well as families out with kids in strollers.


We found one bizarre exhibit in one of the park’s buildings. First came these feet, which were motorized and walking on a loop.


Next came a parked trailer with a sleeping woman inside. Crickets chirping and the sounds of twigs breaking added to the room’s ambiance.


We never found out what the exhibit was, but we weren’t at all sure we’d make it out alive… Luckily, we escaped the building and enjoyed another few hours of sunlight in the park before heading home to catch up on our minimal, yet still neglected, homework.



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