Weekend in Barcelona: Day 1

Last Thursday night, Julia and I jetted off to Barcelona to enjoy our first weekend of traveling! The flight out of Madrid was shockingly easy; we sped through security and they didn’t even check our passports until we got to the gate. We got there hours early expecting the American system of lines and long waits, and instead ended up pacing through the airport shops and testing AngryBirds perfume (it does NOT smell good!)

Our first day in Barcelona was dedicated to all sights Gaudi. Our first stop was the spectacular church La Sagrada Familia.


The church lived up to expectations in every way. It feels more like an art piece than a building, yet everything is fully functional and crafted with purpose.


The inside of the church is filled with light and color from the intricate stained glass windows. It looks like colored lights are being projected on the walls, but its the many panes of chromatic glass that create the waves of color thorugh the church.


The church’s many columns also contribute to its striking appearance. The twisting shapes make the interior feel like a forest with branches swaying high overhead. While Gothic churches have iconic pointed arches with straight sides, Gaudi crafted his as a hyperbola, creating a unique, airy space. The difference was actually very noticeable!


While I knew the church was under construction, I wasn’t prepared for how much was still left to be built. There are still multiple towers to be erected, and what will someday be the main facade has barely been started. Someday maybe I’ll get back to see this spectacular place finished!



Next Julia and I headed to Park Guell, a huge park built into the side of a hill that’s full of buildings and structures made by Gaudi. The main part of the park looks like Wonderland, full of whimsical colors and twisting paths and towers.




We got to go inside a few of the houses. It’s hard to believe they were intended to be lived in!


From the park we also found spectacular city views and huge reptilian loves.



Then it was off to our last Gaudi site: Casa Batllo. Stay tuned for pictures coming soon!


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